10 ground coffees that are best in Canada: 2022 Reviews & Top Picks

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Pre-ground coffee is the go-to option for many coffee drinkers. It’s convenient and easy to brew without all the mess and hassle of milling beans. Even though many experts within the field agree that entire bean coffee provides more taste, you’ll nevertheless get a good glass with pre-ground coffee.

These Reviews are of the 10 ground coffees that are best in Canada to assist you find exactly that: a good, powerful, and flavorful walk without requiring a grinder.

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A Fast contrast of Our Favourites in 2022

Image Product Details

Most useful Overall

Kicking Horse Coffee Horse Power Kicking Horse Coffee Horse energy
  • Uses natural, fair-trade beans
  • Same blend as horse-power entire bean taste
  • Ground in Canada

  • Most readily useful price

    Second place
    Folgers Classic Roast Folgers Vintage Roast
  • Consistent, smooth taste
  • Suitable as a day to day, breakfast-blend coffee
  • Easy to locate

  • Premium preference

    Third place
    Tim Hortons 100% Colombian Fine Grind Coffee Tim Hortons 100% Colombian good Grind Coffee
  • Restaurant coffee home
  • Cheap to make at home
  • Melitta Traditional Medium Roast Coffee Melitta conventional Medium Roast Coffee
  • Environmentally accountable business
  • Many different grinds and coffee kinds can be obtained
  • Affordable
  • Starbucks Pike Place Roast Starbucks Pike Put Roast
  • The same flavor that Starbucks is renowned for
  • Hints of chocolate and roasted nuts
  • The 10 Best Ground Coffees in Canada

    1. Kicking Horse Coffee Horse Power — Best general

    Kicking Horse Coffee 454 Horse Power

    Check price that is latest
    Roast Level: Dark roast

    No Canadian coffee list is complete without Kicking Horse Coffee. This blend that is home-roasted our suggestion to find the best total floor coffee in Canada. Whilst the ongoing company is famous for its whole bean coffees, it now offers ground versions. Horse Power is its roast that is dark combination. It maintains the blend’s that is original with 100% organic, fair-trade, Arabica beans.

    This particular flavor from Kicking Horse tastes quite bold. It’s made for dark-roast coffee lovers, and it takes this seriously. This particular variety may be too much.

  • Pros(* if you’re not a fan of dark, strong coffee utilizes natural, fair-trade beans
  • exact same combination as horse-power entire bean flavor
  • floor in Canada
    • Cons

    Bold flavor2.

    Folgers Classic Roast Ground Coffee

    Folgers Classic Roast — value(* that is best) Check Latest Price
    Roast Level: Medium roast

    Folgers Classic Roast is the best ground coffee in Canada for the money. It has a balanced and flavor that is smooth’s ideal as a breakfast brew. You can feel free to indulge every day since it has the lowest price tag of any coffee on this list. Folgers coffee is easier to find than many other coffee brands and is a staple in most Canadian grocery stores.

    This is a coffee made for those who don’t want anything fancy but are looking for a flavorful, consistent, everyday coffee. You won’t find novelty blends with this brand you won’t find premium price tags either.

    • No novelty taste choices

    3. Tim Hortons 100% Colombian good Grind Coffee — Premium Selection

    Tim Hortons 100% Colombian, Fine Grind Coffee

    Check price that is latest

    Roast Level: Medium roast

    Roast Level: Dark roast

    Tim Hortons 100% Colombian Fine Grind Coffee gives you the comfort of Tim’s coffee without leaving your kitchen. The downside is that this comes at a price. Tim Horton’s ground coffee is expensive if you drink a amount that is large of.

    For those that wish the coziness of Tim Horton’s coffee and never have to combat blizzards to have it, this can be for you* that are.

  • Pros( Restaurant coffee at home
  • Cheap to brew at home
    • Cons

    Expensive compared to some other ground options4.

    MELITTA Traditional Medium Roast Coffee

    Melitta Traditional Medium Roast Coffee
    Check price that is latest Roast amount:

    Medium roast

    Melitta typical Medium Roast Coffee is regarded as Canada’s best-selling coffee companies. It is ground from 100per cent advanced Arabica beans and has now a deep, complete taste. This roast that is particular available in grounds, coffee pods, and whole bean options. It is available at an price that is economical rendering it inexpensive to take in every single day. For everyone concerned with the footprint that is environmental of brands that they support, Melitta makes annual donations to American Forests Global ReLeaf ecosystem restoration projects. These support the replanting of trees used in the production of Melitta coffee filters.

    Some customers complain that this brew lacks aroma and flavor compared to many other brands. It is a blend that is mild of coffee and appeals more to those that enjoy morning meal combinations over powerful, full-bodied coffees.
    • Pros
    • Environmentally company that is responsible*) Affordable
    • Many different grinds and coffee forms are available
    • Not as full-bodied as some other options

    5. Starbucks Pike Place Roast

    Starbucks Pike Place Roast Ground Coffee

    Check price that is latest
    Roast amount: Medium roast

    Seattle’s famous Starbucks coffee is present to make aware of Starbucks Pike spot Roast. This variety is a medium roast with tips of chocolate and roasted peanuts. It’s the coffee that is same’s brewed in Starbucks restaurants, although this version is pre-ground rather than freshly ground. It has the distinct taste that is bitter Starbucks is renowned for, therefore you both like this coffee or perhaps you don’t.

    The Starbucks advanced price employs its combinations in to the food store, nevertheless the option of this coffee in an at-home floor combination is news that is great those who want their Starbucks fix every morning. Most customers agree that it’s close enough to the restaurant version to be 100% worth purchasing.

    • The same flavor that Starbucks is known for
    • Hints of chocolate and roasted nuts
    • Expensive
    • Slightly weaker than the fresh ground version

    6. Starbucks Caffè Verona

    Starbucks Caffè Verona Ground Coffee

    Check price that is latest
    Roast Level: Dark roast

    Starbucks Caffè Verona is an avowed natural dark-roast choice which contains dark cocoa and burned sugar. It’s the exact same wealthy taste although it’s slightly weaker in the ground version.

    This that you’ve come to expect from Starbucks restaurant coffee brew is strong and appeal that is won’t all coffee drinkers. Additionally, it is relatively pricey rather than perfect in the event that you drink a amount that is large of.
    • Pros
    • Organic
    • Rich flavor
    Hints of cocoa and burnt sugar
    • Cons
    • Expensive


    McCafé Premium Medium Dark Roast Ground Coffee

    McCafé Premium Ground Coffee
    Check price that is latest Roast amount:

    Dark roast

    McCafé Premium Ground Coffee is called a dark roast it is actually a lot more of a medium-dark roast. Just difficult beans cultivated at large altitudes come in this roast, leading to an abundant, smooth taste. The Arabica beans tend to be 100% ethically sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified facilities.

    This floor coffee is somewhat acid, and customers that are many noticed that the large tins lose their freshness over time. You will need to purchase this coffee in smaller packages to consistently get a cup that is fresh. Regrettably, achieving this is less affordable than purchasing in volume.
    • Pros
    • Ethically sourced espresso beans
    just includes difficult beans from large altitudes
    • Cons
    • Acidic

    huge tins shed quality with time8.

    1850 Coffee

    1850 Coffee
    examine price that is latest Roast Level:

    Light roast

    For a light-roast, mild, and smooth-tasting coffee that isn’t bitter, look no further than 1850 Coffee. This ground coffee is made by Folgers, known for its ground that is economical coffee. This will be its advanced range of coffee that’s available both in floor and form that is whole-bean. It’s slightly more expensive than regular Folgers ground coffee, but the acidity is low and the flavor is mellow.

    The only complaint about this coffee is that there is flavor that is little between regular Folgers and 1850, nevertheless the 1850 cost is greater. It’s more economical to stick with regular Folgers for ground coffee.
  • Pros(* if you’re buying whole-bean coffee, 1850 is the best choice, but) Mild flavor
  • Low acidity
    • Cons

    Tastes like Folgers with a higher price tag9.

    Folgers French Vanilla Flavoured Ground Coffee

    Folgers French Vanilla Flavoured Ground Coffee
    Check price that is latest Roast amount:

    Medium roast

    Folgers French Vanilla Ground Coffee provides a distinctive selection for floor coffee infused with vanilla tastes. The taste and aroma tend to be distinctly compared to Folgers regular brew with some flavor that is added. It doesn’t taste artificial and it’s not overpowering, if you want to mix it up.

    taste just isn’t overwhelming or artificial
    • perhaps not acidic

    Cons not coffee( that is premium-grade.
    Maxwell House Rich Dark Roast Check price that is latest

    Roast amount:

    Dark roast

    Maxwell home floor coffees can be found in dark roast and method roasts. These are typically just obtainable in one routine, which might be unsatisfactory for many who like finely floor coffees. This combination provides a smooth, balanced taste this is certainly appropriate daily consuming. All of the packaging is 100% recyclable, that provides a benefit over companies which use plastic bins to accommodate their particular coffee.
    • It’s somewhat regarding the acid part, it’s affordable and overall, a great-tasting, economical ground coffee option.
    • Pros(* so it won’t be for everyone, but) Recyclable packaging
    Multiple roast options
    • Balanced, smooth flavor
    • Cons


    Not available in fine grind

    • Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the ground that is best Coffee in Canada If you’re uncertain what things to seek when purchasing floor coffee, you’ve started to just the right destination. Here you will find the considerations when creating a purchase:Flavor Notes
    • start with identifying exactly what standard of roast you want in a coffee: light, method, or dark. Additionally, each combination features various tips of taste. Most are smoky, chocolaty, or nutty. You might find that you like dark roast, but not one with smoky notes. This will narrow your search down when it comes to perfect brew.
    • Price — If you have got a cup (or numerous glasses) of coffee everyday, pricing is an option whenever ground coffee that is choosing. The price doesn’t always determine the quality of a coffee, so it’s worth experimenting with. You might discover that you prefer a $5 tin of coffee much better than a $50 tin. The high cost does determine your taste n’t preference.

    Size —

    Ground coffee can tend to go stale over time when purchased in bulk quantities. If you have many people in your house and go through a amount that is large of, purchasing huge tins could be good. It may be better to buy smaller bags.

    How if you live alone and only drink a cup or two a day Much Ground Coffee Should I Brew?

    The type of coffee maker that you want all alter how much coffee you should put in the pot that you have, how big of a pot you’re making, the grind size, and the strength of coffee. Coffee’s Golden Ratio will give you a trusted guide for coffee brews that are most: 1 gram of coffee for every 15–18 grams of water. To figure this out accurately, you shall require a kitchen scale. A starting that is good is 2 tablespoons for every 6 ounces of water.


    Buyer’s Guide: Picking the ground that is best Coffee in Canada(*)How Much Ground Coffee Do I Need To Brew?(*)Conclusion(*)

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