10 ground coffees that are best in the UK in 2022: Reviews & Top Picks

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Whether your preferred coffee is brewed, dripped, cold, or espresso, you need a good quality ground coffee to ensure you get the best tasting drink at the end. While options are fairly restricted with instant coffee, there is a large and seemingly ever-increasing range of ground coffees, from decaffeinated to highly caffeinated and from fine-ground espresso coffee to coffee that is coarse-ground used in cafetieres. There are additionally fairtrade, organic, and ground that is single-origin makes to consider.

The Options can seem bewildering, so, below, we have included reviews of 10 of the ground coffees that are best in the UK to greatly help you select the most perfect base for the caffeinated (or decaffeinated) drink.

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A Fast contrast of Our Favourites in 2022

Image Product Details

Best Overall

Lavazza Qualita Rossa Ground Coffee Lavazza Qualita Rossa Ground Coffee( price that is*)Very cheap good-quality coffee
  • A good, affordable daily coffee
  • Chocolate and dried-fruit aromas
  • Happy stomach Ground Coffee Caffe Intenso

    Second place
    Happy Belly Ground Coffee Caffe Intenso Really inexpensive
  • Flavours of chocolates and spruce
  • Rainforest Alliance certified so great when it comes to farmers and the* that is rainforest(
  • Brown Bear Ebony Mamba Robusta High Caffeine Blend

    Third place
    Brown Bear Black Mamba Robusta High Caffeine Blend Highly caffeinated surface coffee
  • 5% of product sales go to Free the Bears British charity
  • Nutty flavour and* that is aroma(
  • Cafedirect Decaf Machu Picchu Fairtrade Ground Coffee Decaffeinated so ideal for caffeinated drinks sensitive and painful beverages
  • Fairtrade certified, and subscribe to Producers Direct charity
  • Chocolate flavor
  • Grumpy Mule Organic Colombia Café Equidad Ground Coffee Flavours of chocolate, hazelnut, and purple fresh fruits
  • Organic espresso beans
  • Fairtrade certified
  • 1.

    Lavazza Qualita Rossa Ground Coffee – Best total Check price that is latest

    Lavazza Qualita Rossa

    Arabica, Robusta Origin:
    Brazil, Africa Grind:
    Medium Coarse Caffeinated/Decaffeinated:
    Caffeinated Volume:
    12 x 250 grams Lavazza Qualita Rossa Ground Coffee is made from a combination of Robusta and Arabica beans. Robusta beans are cheaper than their Arabica counterparts, but they also have more caffeine and a stronger flavour. The combination of the two beans enables Lavazza to keep the price of the coffee down while also offering a coffee that is reasonably flavoured floor coarsely sufficient that it could be utilized in cafetieres, moka containers, and filter devices.

    The coffee has actually crema that is decent and has aromas of chocolate and dried fruits. Qualita Rossa is a very coffee that is popular one of several most affordable in the record, rendering it our most useful total floor coffee in britain. It’s a all-rounder that is good but it does lack some of the punch and nuanced flavours that more expensive, premium ground coffees have to offer.

    To Get the price that is best, you will do get 12 packages of coffee, which means you will require an acceptable number of cabinet room to keep the coffee.


    Inexpensive price for good-quality coffee
    • Chocolate and dried fruit aromas
    • a great, affordable everyday coffee
    • Cons
    Quite a plain flavour(.(* that is*)2 Happy Belly Ground Coffee Caffe Intenso – Best Value

    Check price that is latestBeans:

    Happy Belly Ground Coffee Caffè Intenso

    Arabica, Robusta
    Origin: Various
    Grind: Medium/Coarse
    Caffeinated/Decaffeinated: Caffeinated
    Volume: 4 x 250 grms
    Happy stomach Ground Coffee Caffe Intenso is Amazon’s very own coffee brand name. It utilizes a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, gently roasted, sufficient reason for a medium to grind that is coarse. It is suitable for use in filter machines and cafetieres, as well as moka pots. Although Amazon doesn’t list exactly where the beans come from, they do source beans from various regions for their other coffees, and they do state that Caffe Intenso is roasted in Italy. The coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified, which means that coffee growers are treated fairly and that you can do your bit to help protect the rainforest. The coffee is really cheap and as having strength of 4 out of 5 while it lacks some of the stronger secondary flavours of more expensive coffees, there are mild flavours of dark chocolate and spice, and Amazon ranks it. As this is also less expensive than the Lavazza above, whilst still being a good high quality for a day to day beverage, it really is our ground coffee that is best in the UK for the money.


    Really cheap

    Flavours of dark chocolate and spice
    • Rainforest Alliance certified so good for the farmers and the rainforest
    • Cons
    • Very little crema
    No real secondary flavours
    • 3.
    • Brown Bear Black Mamba Robusta High Caffeine Blend – Premium Choice

    Check price that is latestBeans:

    Brown Bear Black Mamba Robusta High Caffeine Blend, Ground Coffee

    Origin: Brazil
    Grind: Medium/Fine
    Caffeinated/Decaffeinated: Caffeinated
    Volume: 227 grms
    Brown Bear creates a variety of coffees and declare that the Brown Bear Ebony Mamba Robusta High Caffeine Blend is the most extremely caffeinated floor coffee. They will have made use of Brazilian Robusta beans, which may have about doubly caffeine that is much the more commonly used Arabica beans, and the coffee is dark roasted so that it tastes strong, too. The Brown Bear Black Mamba Robusta High Caffeine Blend is an expensive coffee, but 5% of the sale is donated to the Free the Bears UK charity and the company claims to have rescued nearly 1,000 bears as a result of its donations. Its medium to fine ground means that it is best suited to filter and cafetiere machines.

    Pros(* that it is suitable for most coffee makers, and will even work with some espresso machines, although the company says) Highly caffeinated surface coffee

    5% of product sales head to complimentary the Bears British charity
    • Nutty flavor and*)Cons that are aroma(*) Expensive
    • 4.
    Cafedirect Decaf Machu Picchu Fairtrade Ground Coffee
    • Check price that is latest


    Cafédirect Decaf Machu Picchu Fairtrade Ground Coffee

    Peru Grind:
    Medium/Fine Caffeinated/Decaffeinated:
    Decaffeinated Volume:
    6 x 227 grms Cafedirect Decaf Machu Picchu Fairtrade Ground Coffee is a decaffeinated ground coffee produced from Arabica beans sourced from Peru, close to the popular Machu Picchu web site. It will be the same in principle as a medium roast and it has flavours that are dark-chocolate. As well as being Fairtrade registered, Cafedirect has invested half of its profits into Producers Direct, which is a charity that is UK-based has actually comparable targets to your Fairtrade system and is designed to make sure reasonable rates and methods for farmers, along with a far more renewable coffee item.
    This is a decaffeinated ground coffee, which means it really is obviously less heavy in flavor. It utilizes Arabica beans, as well as the majority is removed by the decaffeinating process of the caffeine, which helps give coffee its taste. The chocolate undertones do help beef the flavour up, but this will be nonetheless rather a mild-tasting beverage, ideal for the ones that are responsive to caffeine, don’t like too powerful a coffee flavor or desire some thing soothing that they’ll nonetheless take in later in the day with no connected sleeplessness of caffeinated coffee. Pros

    Decaffeinated therefore ideal for caffeinated drinks drinks that are sensitive*) Chocolate flavour

    Fairtrade certified, and donate to Producers Direct charity

    • Too weak a flavour for some drinkers
    • 5.
    • Grumpy Mule Organic Colombia Café Equidad Ground Coffee
    Check price that is latest
    • Beans:


    Grumpy Mule Organic Colombia Café Equidad Ground Coffee

    Grind: Medium
    Caffeinated/Decaffeinated: Caffeinated
    Volume: 227 grms
    Grumpy Mule Organic Colombia Café Equidad Ground Coffee is a ground coffee produced from Arabica beans cultivated in Colombia. The coffee is roasted into the UK, meaning that it must remain fresher for extended compared to those being roasted more away before delivery. The coffee has actually overtones of hazelnut, caramel, plus some fruit that is red. It is certified organic and has Fairtrade certification so gives you the peace of mind that farmers are treated fairly and receive a wage that is fair their particular work. Grumpy Mule is fairly high priced, but this advanced coffee has actually wealthy flavours and also by purchasing a multipack of six packages of coffee, you can easily keep carefully the expenses down seriously to a far more reasonable level.
    Pros Flavours of chocolate, hazelnut, and fruits that are red*) Organic coffee beans

    Fairtrade certified


    • 6.
    • Illy Blend Decaf Ground Coffee
    • Check price that is latest
    • Arabica


    illy Coffee, Decaffeinated Ground Coffee

    Fine Caffeinated/Decaffeinated:
    Decaffeinated Volume:
    250 grms Illy combination Decaf Ground Coffee is a blended decaffeinated coffee which contains 0.1% caffeinated drinks or less. It utilizes beans opted for from nine Arabica developing areas throughout the world, in virtually any type of machine, including espresso machines that benefit from a finer grind and tamped coffee. Ill’s so it isn’t a single source, but the coffee is ground finely, so that you can use it decaf coffee is made from Arabica beans and has a medium roast. You can taste flavours of caramel, orange blossom, and jasmine, although like a lot of decaffeinated coffees, it does have a flavour that is mild. The packaging may also be problematic and it can result in a cloud of fine coffee powder. Pros(* if you struggle to pull the seal off,) Decaffeinated coffee suitable for caffeine sensitive drinkers

    Flavours of caramel, orange blossom, and jasmine

    100% Arabica beans

    • Mild flavour may not be enough for some
    • Packaging can be challenging
    • 7.
    Wild Highlands Coffee Modern Single Origin Coarse Ground
    • Check price that is latest
    • Beans:


    Wild Highlands Coffee

    Grind: Coarse
    Caffeinated/Decaffeinated: Caffeinated
    Volume: 500 grms
    Wild Highlands Coffee contemporary solitary Origin Coarse Ground coffee is a 100% Arabica coffee this is certainly created for fans of moderate coffee. It’s butterscotch and lemon flavours and Wild Highlands says that it has medium levels of acidity. Although this is a origin that is single, crazy Highlands does not state where it comes down from. But, these are generally Rainforest Alliance Certified, which means farmers and also the environment tend to be addressed relatively. The Coffee is roasted in Scotland, in small batches, before being packaged so it is fresher than a complete lot of mass-produced alternatives. It is average priced, and the grind that is coarse well suited for used in cafetieres also your best option for cool brew coffee products.
    Pros 100% Arabica beans

    Roasted in britain so fresher than a complete lot

    Flavours of lemon and butterscotch

    • Single origin isn’t specified
    • Mild flavour
    • 8.
    Lichfields Fairtrade Original Ground Coffee
    • Check price that is latest
    • Beans:

    Arabica, RobustaOrigin:

    Lichfields Fairtrade Original Ground Coffee

    Central The united states, south usa, Asia
    Grind: Medium
    Caffeinated/Decaffeinated: Caffeinated
    Volume: 1 kilogram
    Lichfields could be better known for the beverage, but Lichfields Fairtrade first Ground Coffee is a reasonably listed mixture of Arabica and Robusta beans sourced from Central and south usa, along with Asia. It’s roast that is medium has floral flavours with some caramel. It is best described as having a taste that is mellow rendering it good all-day drinker. However, if you prefer coffee with a flavour that is strong Lichfields won’t meet your desires. It does come in a packet that is 1-kilogram which means it must endure some time without going down. It is strongly suggested that surface coffee be saved in an airtight container once consumed and opened within 2 weeks. Depending on how much coffee you use and the size of your drinks, a 1kg bag will make between 50–100 cups of your favourite beverage.
    Pros 1kg bag should last at least several days

    Fairtrade certified

    Decent price

    • Mild flavour
    • 9.
    • Caffe Nero Ground Coffee Classico Espresso
    Check price that is latest
    • Beans:


    Caffè Nero Ground Coffee

    Grind: Fine Espresso
    Caffeinated/Decaffeinated: Caffeinated
    Volume: 6 x 200 grms
    Espresso machines reap the benefits of an extremely finely surface coffee. If it’s also coarse, water rapidly passes through the grinds without keeping some of the flavor and without infusing any caffeinated drinks. Because of this, utilizing coarsely ground coffee in an espresso device leaves a watery and drink that is flavourless. A well-tamped fine or coffee that is espresso grind infuse water and share its flavor. Caffe Nero Ground Coffee Classico Espresso may be the coffee that is same in Caffe Nero coffee shops and designed specifically for making strong, robust espressos and espresso-based drinks. It gets a 7 out of 10 strength rating and is reasonably priced. It is medium roasted and has flavours of dark chocolate, hazelnut, and caramel. Caffe Nero doesn’t list the type or origin of the beans used, it’s a blend of Arabica and Robusta from various coffee growing regions around the world although we suspect. This is an excellent coffee option you get at Caffe Nero. Pros(* if you’re looking to try and replicate the drinks) Finely ground for use in espresso machines

    Reasonably priced

    Flavours of dark chocolate, hazelnut, and caramel

    • Bean type and origin not listed
    • May be too finely ground for some espresso machines
    • 10.
    Black Donkey Coffee Roasters Devil’s Roast Ground Coffee
    • Check price that is latest
    • Beans:


    DEVIL'S ROAST Extra-Strong Highly Caffeinated Bold Coffee

    Grind: Medium/Fine
    Caffeinated/Decaffeinated: Caffeinated
    Volume: 500 grms
    Most commercial coffees are produced utilizing Arabica beans. They will have a flavour that is pleasant reasonable caffeine levels. Robusta beans are the second most widely used variety of coffee. They have a more taste that is bitter Arabica and typically contain around twice the caffeinated drinks levels, while becoming less expensive and hardier to cultivate. Ebony Donkey Coffee Roasters Devil’s Roast Ground Coffee is made of Robusta beans so it can have a supplementary kick that is caffeinated. It is dark roast to ensure a strong flavour but low acidity, and it offers flavours of chocolate and nuts. This is a highly caffeinated ground coffee that is average-priced, but it doesn’t taste as strong as Black Donkey claims, so you may still have to look elsewhere. Pros(* if you’re after a real kick of caffeine,) saturated in caffeine

    Flavours of chocolate and nut


    Not because powerful due to the fact title recommends
    • Buyer’s Guide: locating the ground that is best Coffee in the UK
    • Although considered a nation of tea drinkers, we Brits love our coffee, too. And, when we can’t get out to a coffee that is local or we should enjoy a similarly tasty glass but with no large expenses, we check out cafetieres, drip coffee machines, and espresso devices to try to replicate the exact same tasty drinks.
    As really as having a good-quality and coffee that is efficient, it is important that you choose a good coffee to go in it. No matter how good the quality of the coffee machine, it won’t come up with the goods if it is filled with sub-standard coffee. Continue reading to learn more about things to choose and just how to find the ground coffee that is best for you.
    • What Is Ground Coffee?

    Coffee trees produce small berries that are red. Inside these fruits tend to be green seeds, which we call green espresso beans. These are dried before being roasted, which provides us roasted espresso beans. Ground coffee is these roasted beans which have been passed away through some type or kind of grinding machine before being packed and shipped for retail.

    Ground vs. Beans vs. Instant

    There are three primary types of coffee that you can buy for home use:

    Whole Beans

    – Whole beans have been picked, dried, and roasted before being sold. You will need some method of grinding the beans yourself before they can be turned into a coffee that is liquid, but entire beans provide the freshest coffee experience because when the bean is ground down, oxidation begins to happen, which means the coffee manages to lose its quality. Then immediately use it in a coffee machine, that is as fresh as it gets.

    Ground if you grind coffee and Coffee

    • – Ground coffee has already been ground before being sold. As such, it isn’t as fresh as grinding your own, but it also means for you.
    • Instant that you don’t need a grinder or a potentially expensive bean-to-cup coffee machine that grinds Coffee – Whatever your viewpoint from it, immediate coffee continues to be remarkably popular in britain. The coffee is chosen, dried, roasted, floor, and brewed. Water will be evaporated plus the continuing to be coffee that is solid into granules or powder before being shipped. All you need to do is add water and any ingredients that are additional purchase to savor a cup of coffee.
    • Coffee Bean TypeAlthough you can find four forms of espresso beans cultivated round the global world, there are really only two that are used in commercial coffee production: Liberica and Excelsa beans are rarely used in this way.


    – Arabica are the most commonly grown and widely used coffee They are grown at high altitudes and need a combination of rain and shade. The trees do not grow too high which makes them easy to care for, and the resulting coffee is smooth but full of flavour and a coffee smell.

    • Robusta – Robusta beans are not as popular as Arabica, but they are typically seen when coffee companies either want to save money or inject caffeine that is extra their particular coffee. Robusta coffee is extremely sturdy and protected to a complete lot of diseases. It doesn’t need the precise that is same problems as Arabica, and also this combo ensures that the beans are less costly than Arabica. They even have about twice the caffeinated drinks of Arabica beans, by fat, and generally have a chocolate aftertaste for them.
    • Roast LevelThere are three roast that is main: light, medium, and dark. Although, some coffees are also roasted to levels in between this, so you may see roasts that are medium/dark as an example. The roast degree determines just how long and at exactly what heat the beans had been roasted before being ground-down and packed, plus it tends to make a difference that is big the characteristics of the coffee at the end.


    – Light roasted beans are light in colour and they are quite dry and do not have much, if any, oil because they did not reach a high temperature during the roasting process. Light roasts wthhold the most caffeine because almost no is drawn on throughout the procedure, and they’ve got an taste that is acidic. This method also enables the drinker to experience flavours that are secondary

    • Medium – moderate roast beans get to somewhat greater conditions. This does draw a few of the oil out from the bean and gets rid of a number of the taste that is acidic. It also reduces the caffeine level, although not by too much. This is the most roasting that is common since it is thought to provide a better-rounded flavor with a few however too-much acidity, and much more of this additional flavours compared to a dark roast.
    • Dark – Roasted at large conditions, a roast that is dark said to taste of the roasting process itself, rather than the taste of the coffee. You are less likely to get the nutty, fruity, and flavours that are floral less heavy roasted beans can brag.
    • Image Credit: Jiri Hera, ShutterstockGrind Coarseness
    coffee beans, ground coffee, and instant coffee
    Ground coffee are coarse, moderate, or good floor, while not all organizations list the coarseness since it isn’t actually a measurement that is uniform. Coarse grinds are best for cafetieres, where the coffee sits in the water for a period that is long of, whereas good powdered floor coffee is fantastic for espresso machines because water is passed away through the coffee and requirements to rapidly extricate its flavor and caffeinated drinks. Some manufacturers call this a fine ground or an espresso ground coffee.

    Caffeinated if you are looking for a fine ground vs. Caffeinated vs. Highly Caffeinated

    Caffeine levels are determined primarily by the bean type, but this can also be influenced by the roasting level that the bean is subjected to. Robusta beans tend to have the caffeine levels that are highest, while a light roast or a light/medium roast will retain a lot more of the caffeinated drinks. Those coffees with a high caffeinated drinks amounts are often offered as a result, with brands like highly caffeinated.

    Decaffeinated beans are through a soaking and process that is treating removes most of the caffeine, although there is always some caffeine left after the process. Decaffeinated coffees are usually made from Robusta beans, because these have the lowest natural caffeine content, and may be dark roasted to try and give a stronger flavour while further caffeine that is removing. They’re typically called decaffeinated or decaf.


    When coffee producers relate to energy, they aren’t discussing the quantity of caffeinated drinks but to your energy of flavor associated with coffee. There isn’t any measurement that is universal different companies not only have their own idea of what is strong and what isn’t, but they use their own scale to highlight the strength. This can make it difficult to compare coffees, because while one company might have a scale out of 10, another might only rank strength out of 6.

    How to Store Ground Coffee

    Once you’ve chosen your ground coffee, you will want to treat it right to ensure that it continues to taste great for weeks after it has been opened that it retains its flavour and. Generally speaking, it’s suggested it won’t get damp and won’t be affected by moisture that you keep ground coffee in an airtight container in a cool, dark place, where. Do not place ground coffee in the fridge or the freezer.

    Image Credit: AtlasStudio, Shutterstock

    ground coffee in a jar
    How Long Does It Last?

    How long ground coffee lasts depends on how well you store it. Typically, when stored in an airtight container in optimal conditions, it should last for 2–3 weeks before it noticeably degrades. However, if the coffee gets damp or is exposed to sunlight that is direct it may just endure several days. Stay away from ground that is leaving in the coffee machine if the container isn’t protected against the sun.

    How Much Ground Coffee Per Cup?

    The amount of coffee you use per cup will depend on the type of coffee you drink, how strong you you buy, but expect to use between 12–20 grams per cup like it, and the coffee. Utilizing even more coffee can give a richer and much more flavour that is full-bodied. Typically, start by following the instructions on the coffee packet or on the machine you’re using, and then adjust according to whether you want a stronger or milder drink next time.


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    Getting the right ground coffee is important, that you get a good-tasting drink for your brewing efforts if you want to ensure. There clearly was a selection that is wide of available, from decaf to highly caffeinated and including Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance coffee products.

    While compiling the reviews above, we found Lavazza Qualita Rossa to be the best coffee that is overall. Its fairly listed and, it is a good all-rounder while it doesn’t have the same flavour nuances as more expensive coffees. Amazon’s Happy Belly Caffe Intenso costs even less than the Lavazza and it too offers a flavour that is decent the cost.

    Featured Image Credit: Andrea Tummons, Unsplash

    Table of Contents

    A Quick Comparison of your Favourites in 2022

    • The 10 ground coffees that are best into the UK
    • 1. Lavazza Qualita Rossa Ground Coffee – Most Useful General
      • 2. Pleased Stomach Ground Coffee Caffe Intenso – Most Useful Value
      • 3. Brown Bear Ebony Mamba Robusta Tall Caffeine Blend – Premium Preference
      • 4. Cafedirect Decaf Machu Picchu Fairtrade Ground Coffee
      • 5. Grumpy Mule Natural Colombia Café Equidad Ground Coffee
      • 6. Illy Blend Decaf Ground Coffee
      • 7. Crazy Highlands Coffee Contemporary Solitary Origin Coarse Ground
      • 8. Lichfields Fairtrade Original Ground Coffee
      • 9. Caffe Nero Ground Coffee Classico Espresso
      • 10. Ebony Donkey Coffee Roasters Devil’s Roast Ground Coffee
      • Buyer’s Guide: locating the ground that is best Coffee into the UK
    • What Is Ground Coffee?
      • Ground vs. Beans vs. Instant
      • Coffee Bean Type
      • Roast Level
      • Grind Coarseness
      • Caffeinated vs. Caffeinated vs. definitely Caffeinated
      • Strength
      • How to keep Ground Coffee
      • How longer Does It final?
      • How Much Ground Coffee Per Cup?
      • Conclusion

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