3 Coffee Harvesting Methods revealed (With photographs)

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For those that drink lots of coffee, there’s absolutely nothing more gratifying than a cup of fragrant coffee on a winter’s that is cold or even a hot summer’s afternoon. Did you know that it takes coffee plants 4 to 6 years to reach maturity, according to the plant variety? Did you know that harvesting that is different are widely used to create coffee-and different handling techniques also?

There are three main techniques coffee is gathered. They are discerning, device, and strip harvesting. Each area or type has its own favored method of picking, and there’s no right or way.

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If that is wrong you’ve ever asked yourself the questions above, we’re here to answer them in the guide below.

Top 3 Coffee Harvesting methods.(* that is:

1 Selective Harvesting

Selective harvesting is one of widely used harvesting means for coffee. This technique is performed by hand, with cherry pickers pulling the fruits that are ripe the plants. This is also the best choice for locations that have uneven ground where it’s impractical to bring a machine in.

cropped farmer harvesting coffee cherries
Of Course, depending on the size of your farm, this method requires more workers than other methods, and the ongoing work is a bit harder to accomplish. The workers then had to go back and pick any unripe berries at the time of the picking that is first

This is a time-consuming technique because as soon as chosen, the employees must get all of the soil and dirt from the good fresh fruit. The results are worth it while this might seem like a time-consuming, tedious method. Many farmers use this method because of the results that are superior as the time are offset through the handling period of this work.Image Credit: danramirez, Pixabay


Device Harvesting

Machine harvesting is simply exactly what it seems like. A device accounts for picking in place of selecting the good fresh fruit by hand. This really is a way that is highly efficient of and is faster than selective harvesting.However, this method can only be used if your farm is on flat terrain. Itself is very expensive while you only need one person to run the machine, meaning your labor costs will be less expensive, the machine. Which is why this technique is especially employed by the bigger facilities which have the funds to invest in the equipment.


Strip Harvesting

Strip harvesting is known as an easy, efficient, and way that is convenient of cherries off the coffee plant. It clears the entire branch of the coffee plant, stripping the ripe and coffee that is unripe at the same time frame.

This Harvesting method can manually be done or with a machine, though the machine is, of course, faster. This doesn’t take many workers, so you save on labor, and it’s a method that is relatively inexpensive utilize.

machine harvesting coffee on field
The just issue with strip harvesting is you might not have known about, but what about the processing best practices that you must be careful to separate the unripe coffee cherries from the ripe coffee cherries after harvesting.

These are the three primary methods of coffee harvesting? If you’ve been wondering about these plain things, read on for explanations within the guide here.

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  • Coffee Processing practices and guidelines Revealed
  • Harvesting the coffee is not in which the ongoing work ends; it’s where the work begins. Once the coffee beans are harvested, they must go through the coffee processing methods. Six coffee that is possible techniques may be used.
  • Honey handling
  • Semi-washed handling
  • Washed handling

Natural handling

Dry handling

Wet processing

Each of the techniques takes different levels of time. When the coffee handling is total, the roasting can start and get in the real way to the grocery and specialty stores where you find your beans for purchase and consumption.

  • Coffee Harvesting Best Practices
  • It’s important to note that speed isn’t the concern that is biggest regarding coffee harvesting. The main element is correctly gathered fresh fruits that create the quality that is highest, best-tasting coffee.
  • There are coffee harvesting practices in place for this reason that is very. If you’re taking part in a harvest that is selective make sure only to pick the ripe coffee cherries, as unripe fruit mixed into the bunch will affect the quality of the coffee
  • It takes 10 to 14 days for unripe beans to ripen.
  • During Your harvest that is last season always choose all of the ready cherries in place of waiting until later on.
  • Never collect unripe, overripe, or coffee that is infested.
  • Always keep a strip of cloth on the ground you pick away from the direct sunlight.

Pluck if you’re strip harvesting to catch any ripe cherries that fall.

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Keep the cherries cherries one at a time to help keep all of them from dropping on a lawn during discerning harvesting.

Never blend cherries which have dropped on a lawn with cherries in your container.

Always cleanse the harvesting device whenever done.
  • Once harvesting is total, move your beans to containers that are clean so they don’t get contaminated during transport.
  • Following these coffee harvesting best practices makes the coffee in your cup fresh, fragrant, and delicious, and if you ever get the chance to harvest coffee, you’ll know to follow these practices for the best results.
  • Conclusion

Coffee Harvesting is how the coffee in your cup tastes amazing, and it’s great to know the harvesting and processing methods and the coffee practices that are best to follow. You can find three methods that are harvesting pick from and six coffee handling ways to follow. People who develop coffee pick the technique they would like to utilize predicated on their particular land kind, the coffee flowers they develop, and more.


  • Coffee Harvesting and Processing techniques
    • Coffee Harvesting
    • The Principles of Coffee Harvesting
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  • Table of items
  • Top 3 Coffee Harvesting Techniques:
  • 1. Discerning Harvesting

2. Device Harvesting(*)3. Strip Harvesting(*)Coffee Processing Techniques and Recommendations Revealed(*)Coffee Harvesting Best Techniques(*)Conclusion(*)

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