7 most useful Dutch Bros Rebel beverages in 2022: rated & Reviewed!

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you covered with their Dutch Bros Rebel Drinks whether you’re a college student preparing for an all-night cram session or just feeling lazy after a huge meal, Dutch Bros has. A double shot of espresso.

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There with 120 milligrams (mg) of caffeine in a medium drink, Rebel drinks are trendy and are similar to drinking can be a few Bros that is dutch rebel to choose from. If you’re looking for a shot of energy that tastes amazing, this is probably the drink for you. We’ll give you seven of our Dutch that is favorite Bros beverages when you look at the record below and much more details about the most popular drinks.

The 7 Most Useful Dutch Bros Rebel drinks.(* that is:

1 Electric Berry

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If you’re a fan of raspberry and lime, the Electric Berry rebel drink will become one of quickly your preferences. It’s a variety of blue raspberry and lime syrup, and we’ll tell you he is very the mixture if you’re selecting an attempt of power and a burst of taste during the time that is sameYou can order this beverage that is delicious mixed or iced. Nevertheless, you may want to order a small if you’re watching your calories, as the large is 390 calories a shot. This is one of our favorites, as the flavors burst in your mouth, and you don’t have to experience the crash that is common in many energy drinks.


Double Rainbro

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A post shared by Kiley (@laulau_kaukau)Another fan favorite is the Double Rainbro. This is one of the most popular drinks at Dutch Bros. It’s made with the patented energy drink and flavors such as strawberry, peach, and a touch of coconut syrup for a robust flavor combination.



The Aftershock is another drink that is popular graces the Dutch Bros menu. This 1 will come in mixed or iced and it is the drink that is perfect give you energy on those hot, muggy summer afternoons without having to order a hot beverage.If You’re a fan of all plain things berry, this is one of the preferences. It offers a delicious blend of raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, and an impression of lime to top it well for a drink that is delightful provides energy at the same time.



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While it sounds like a simple, old-fashioned drink, the Peach Rebel Energy Drink at Dutch Bros is anything but. You probably know the taste of a refreshing peach drink on a warm spring day.

You can get the Peach Rebel blended or on ice if you’re from Georgia. It’s fashioned with the Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drink and contains a splash of peach syrup to give it that refreshing peach taste.


Shark Attack(*) who would want to order n’t an energy drink called the Shark Attack? Just the true title conjures up times because of the sea with a Rebel Energy Drink at hand. The Shark combat is a drink that is multicolor flavors such as blue raspberry, lime, and coconut, and it’s topped off with a pomegranate drizzle for an added touch.This one has serious vibes of a day that is lazy the coastline and could ver quickly become your chosen beverage for a scorching summertime time.


Midnight Rebel

The Midnight Rebel could be the drink that is perfect help you get through that all-night study session, but it’s not just for the night owls who need a burst of energy. Made of blackberry and pomegranate, this is the drink that is perfect allow you to get in the evening move or as a pick-me-up on your journey to any office.Whichever you decide on, this could be simply the rebel power beverage to truly get you through the or night.

7.(* day) The Vampire Slayer

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Again, who wouldn’t want to order the Vampire was called by an energy drink Slayer? This beverage is constructed of strawberry and pomegranate and is ideal for burning up the midnight oil. Nevertheless, whilst it’s fruity and tasty, the contains that are large 560 calories, so order this one sparingly.

It also contains over 63 grams of sugar, which might make you reconsider this drink that is delicious even although you tend to be per night individual.

Dutch Bros Rebel Drinks FAQ

Now you are aware in regards to the best Dutch Bros Rebel beverages, we’ll response several of the questions regarding the beverage when you look at the FAQ part below.

How Much Caffeine is within the Dutch Bros Rebel?

According into the site, each Rebel power beverage includes 80 mg of caffeinated drinks and 116 calories in most 8.4-ounce can. The Dutch Bros Rebel drink has more caffeine than a can of Coke but less caffeine than a Monster Energy Drink.

  • What’s in the Dutch Bros Rebel Drinks?
  • The Dutch Bros Rebel Drinks contain the patented energy drink base, and they add their syrups to the mix, creating flavorful drinks with an energy-giving kick.
  • Conclusion

According to many Dutch Bros fans, Dutch Bros Rebel Drinks are some of the best drinks on the market today to put it into perspective. Whether it’s the Vampire Slayer, the Peach Rebel drink, or the Midnight Rebel, there’s something for everyone at Dutch Bros when you need a burst of energy but don’t want to sacrifice flavor to get it.

What’s your favorite Bros Rebel that is dutch beverage? Made it happen create your record? Inform us about any of it when you look at the opinions below.

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    • 3. Aftershock
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  • 5. Shark Attack

6. Midnight Rebel(*)7. The Vampire Slayer(*)
Dutch Bros Rebel Drinks FAQ(*)How Much Caffeine Is when you look at the Dutch Bros Rebel?(*)What’s into the Dutch Bros Rebel beverages?(*)Conclusion(*)

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