Diletta Mio Espresso Machine Evaluation 2022: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

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Diletta Mio from Seattle Coffee Gear espresso machine on table with accessories

Our Final Verdict

We provide the Diletta Mio a score of 4.5 away from 5 movie stars.

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Build high quality
Coffee high quality
Ease of Use

Diletta Mio Espresso Machine: At a Glance

If you are interested in a quality that is good espresso machine, the Diletta Mio is likely on your list. Sold by Seattle Coffee Gear, this elegant, effective espresso machine is handmade in Italy and comes in three stylish colors. It’s not necessarily made for beginners, though you don’t need to be a professional barista to pull a shot that is great. This device provides a beneficial stability of control and convenience, with a PID boiler, integral chance timekeeper, and simultaneous vapor wand.

The downsides boil right down to which this device is suitable for. It’s pricey, together with which, you will need to purchase add-ons like a scale that is precise burr grinder, and tamper. Of course, if you’re shopping for an espresso machine of this caliber, you probably already have those tools. This machine is also a little more complicated to use, which is good news if you want something easy.(* if you enjoy perfecting your brew but less appealing) Check cost on Seattle Coffee Gear

A glance


PID boiler
  • split steamer
  • integrated chance timekeeper
  • High-end feel
  • option of three colors
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Optional eco mode
  • Fabulous, complex espresso
  • fairly very easy to clean
  • Cons
  • No integral grinder
  • reduced 2-year warranty
  • Brand:
Diletta Model:
Mio Dimensions:
15 inches high x 10.75 ins large x 17 inches deep Weight:
35 pounds Watts:
1600W Boiler Volume:
400 mL Reservoir Size:
2 L (68 oz) Warm-Up Time:
7 minutes Warranty
2 many years for parts Overall Appearance

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The Diletta espresso device is a classy, thoughtfully created design. It comes down in black colored, metal, and white colors. We tested the steel that is stainless, which is so shiny it essentially disappears into your kitchen. It’s a good-looking espresso machine, even if it does tend to show every fingerprint off and smudge. We had been additionally impressed during the machine’s size that is relatively compact it fits a lot of great design elements into a reasonably small footprint.

Diletta Mio espresso machine with freshly brewed espresso shots

Overall, the interface is very simple to use, before you start though we do recommend reading the user guide. You can find three buttons from the side that is leftpower, brew, and steam), plus a PID electronic display on the right. There is also a pressure gauge lower on the machine.

We also liked the water reservoir, which conveniently slides out of the machine’s side. It’s easy to remove completely for filling or cleaning, but you can also slide it only partway out to add more water. On top of the machine, you’ll find an tray that is open increases as a cup hotter, utilizing the temperature through the boilers. During the foot of the device, there is certainly a drip that is nice that slides out for easy emptying. The grate rests elegantly on top.

The drip tray and grate slide off easily for cleaning.

cleaning the Diletta Mio espresso machine drip tray
Ease of Use

The Diletta Mio has a good range of features so that you can experiment with pulling the shot that is perfect. Which includes a PID-equipped boiler that is single a separate thermoblock steam circuit you can use simultaneously, and a convenient pressure gauge.

The PID screen has quite a functions that are few. You know that you need to prime the boiler when you first turn on the Diletta Mio, the PID display shows “1st,” letting. After that, it displays the temperature as the boiler heats up, conveniently showing you when you’re ready to brew (along with the brew indicator light). You do not need to juggle another device when you start pulling a shot, the PID display switches automatically to a shot timer, so. And when you determine to replace the configurations, the PID display screen provides the menu that is full of.

One unique aspect of this espresso machine is the emphasis on energy efficiency. The Mio includes an eco that is optional, which lowers power consumption if not definitely brewing. Plus, functions like an boiler that is insulated a more efficient water path ensure less energy consumption overall without sacrificing espresso flavor.

This espresso machine also features an shutoff that is automatic won’t have a-clock or automated on.

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Espresso high quality

Diletta Mio espresso machine shots of espresso with crema

With an espresso device similar to this, a complete lot of the espresso quality comes down to your skill level. In our experience, you can produce a very shot that is good small to no fiddling with configurations – and a great chance with a few examination. This balance that is excellent likely to suit many home espresso lovers. You can enjoy a simple shot of espresso or take the time to perfect your technique on this machine – the choice is yours!

When we tested this machine, our espresso came out rich and flavorful every time, with a crema that is nice-looking top. It had been much more offered and complex a better body than many other espresso machines.

Milk Steaming

Diletta Mio packed portafilter ready to brew

One nice thing about upgrading to an espresso machine like the Diletta Mio is while you pull shots of espresso that you can steam milk. With lower-end espresso devices, you usually have to steam the milk before you pull your espresso shot. The Diletta, having said that, features espresso that is separate steam boilers, which is undeniably convenient.

We found the Diletta Mio’s milk steamer simple to use (simply flip a switch on the side, wait for the light that is steaming switch off, then drive the vapor option). We had been impressed at just how rapidly the steamer heated up, in addition to wand that is swiveling well.


steaming milk on the Diletta Mio espresso machine

Like all espresso machines, the Diletta Mio requires cleaning that is regular. Luckily for us, the procedure is fairly easy. Frequent upkeep is merely cleaning along the device and rinsing the parts that are removable. Recommended cleaning that is weekly scrubbing the team gasket, backflushing the portafilter and team, and utilizing a separate espresso cleansing detergent to eliminate coffee natural oils. Presuming you’re utilizing blocked or water that is bottled you don’t need to descale this machine. In fact, you may not want to descale at home at all.


pushing brew button on Diletta Mio espresso machine

The tightest budgets probably won’t be able to accommodate this espresso machine – handmade espresso that is italian come at a price – however it does offer plenty of bang for your buck. This is really maybe not more espresso that is expensive on the market, but it is pretty pricey on the scale of home models. Keep in mind we tested with an excellent Eureka Mignon burr grinder and Acaia Lunar smart espresso scale).

This that you will also need accessories like a good grinder and a coffee scale device appears quite durable, featuring its durable metal framework and interface that is simple. The things that are only feel less durable are the buttons, just like the controls beside the PID display screen, that may wobble only a little. Seattle Coffee equipment provides a beneficial warranty that is two-year case anything goes wrong.

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The Verdict

So, is the Diletta Mio right for you? You plenty of control over your shots – all in an elegant, efficient package – the Diletta Mio may be just the thing if you’re looking for a premium espresso machine that gives. Espresso enthusiasts will like the PID boiler, individual milk steaming wand, and quickly boiler home heating time. Having said that, you may want to look at other great espresso machines.

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