Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee: Guide, Brewing recommendations & much more!

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As coffee drinkers, we have been constantly wanting to decide to try brand new forms of coffee to grow our perspectives and tickle our tastebuds. Sidamo coffee isn’t any exclusion. It, you might want to know more about the coffee, the brand, and more.Sidamo if you’ve never had Sidamo coffee and are thinking of trying coffee is a finely processed organic flavored Arabica coffee. This coffee is 95% harvested and washed into the Sidama area of Ethiopia.

You can find many facts that are interesting Sidamo coffee, including the origins of the coffee beans and the best ways to brew it.

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Follow us on our journey to discover more about Sidamo coffee and why you should try the blend that is flavorful

Quick details about Sidamo Coffee You Should Know

Below we’ll provide you with the factual statements about Sidamo coffee you want to try or not.

Country of Origin:



Ethiopia, Kaffa, Sidamo

  • Altitude:
  • 1,500 to 2,200 meters
  • Best Known Growers:
  • Sidama Coffee Farmers
  • Milling Process:
  • Sundried, washed
Harvest Time:

October through January


Creamy with hints of blueberries and almonds, super sweet


Winey, floral, sweet



a woman enjoying a cup of coffee

USDA Organic, Fair Trade available, Rainforest Alliance


Medium, complex yet balanced

Image Credit: melanie_10, Shutterstock

Why Is Sidamo Coffee Special?

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Sidamo coffee is unique not only because of the flavors of the coffee and heady fragrance but also because of its distinct processing method so you can tell at a glance whether this is a coffee. The process that is ripening Sidamo is reduced than other kinds.

It’s additionally ripened at a reduced heat compared to the rest regarding the area, which is the reason the flavor that is sweet the slightly acidic, fruity aroma. This makes Sidamo coffee a treat for anyone who has ever tasted it.

If you’re interested in trying this coffee that is delicious we advice Volcanica Coffee’s Sidamo beans, that are cultivated on smallholder farms and show tasty notes of honey and jasmine.

Is Sidamo Coffee healthier?
  • Sidamo coffee is considered healthier to take in, plus the advantages of caffeinated drinks in moderation happen lauded for very a years that are few. Sidamo coffee has zero sugar and contains a good amount of calories and protein, which could benefit some.
  • As with any drink that is caffeinated it is far better be mindful about how exactly much you drink since side effects may appear. The medial side ramifications of consuming caffeine that is too much listed below. Sidamo coffee contains between 75 to 130 milligrams (mg) of caffeine.
  • Headaches

Rapid heart rate


  • Anxiety
  • The jitters
  • Insomnia
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  • How Much Does Sidamo Coffee Cost?
  • Sidamo coffee varies in price according to the size of the canister, the type of coffee, and the place you’re getting your coffee from. You can expect to pay between $10 and $15 a pound for most Sidamo coffee. However, some blends of this coffee shall run you over $100 or maybe more. Sidamo are available in shops and web at sites such Amazon.

What Does Sidamo Coffee Taste Like?(*)Sidamo coffee is a spicey coffee that is medium-bodied undernotes of chocolate. It also has a winey taste that is deep. The aroma regarding the combination is flowery with tips of lemon. It’s acid and has now already been called sharp and sharp.(*)However, The taste you get from Sidamo coffee will depend on your brewing method and even the type of coffee maker you use as with any coffee. For example, you’re not going to get the taste that is same a coffee manufacturer that requires cleansing as you’ll from a coffee manufacturer that is newly cleansed.(*)The caffeinated drinks content is reasonable, and it surely will not harm having multiple cup this brew that is delicious day.(*)Image Credit: Ketut Subiyanto, Pexels(*)How To Make Your Own Mug of Sidamo Coffee(*)Now you might wonder how to make your own fragrant, delicious mug of this single-source coffee that you know more about Sidamo coffee. We’ll provide you with a tips that are few.(*)First, you want to wash your coffee beans in cold water until they are clean. While they are soaking, pick through the beans and take out anything that does belong n’t. When the beans tend to be washed, put from the water that is excess then roast your beans on the stove until they start to pop and turn a dark brown color.(*)Make sure you stir the beans with a spoon that is wooden continuously shake the cooking pan in this procedure therefore the beans don’t scorch or stay glued to your cooking pan.(*)Once your coffee beans tend to be done, work the beans in an impeccably clean grinder, and make your coffee with your preferred strategy. This can be done through the use of a computerized coffeemaker, the pour-over strategy, or a press that is french. Just make sure to follow the process above to a tee for the coffee that is best-tasting(*)Wrapping It Up(*)Ethiopia is famous for its fragrant, tasty coffee, and Sidama, where Sidamo coffee is cultivated, is its many area that is prominent. With an aftertaste of light and chocolate caramel, it is not surprising those that have had a mug of Sidamo coffee tend to be spoiled and need more.(*)Since it is 100% natural and grown in a setting that is natural coffee drinkers don’t have to worry about their coffee beans being genetically altered and containing additives that could be unhealthy. It, it’s well worth the money spent for the delicious cup of coffee you get in return.(*)Sources(*)Sidama while it is costly, for most coffee drinkers who have tried Coffee: every little thing to Know(*)Sidamo Coffee: Guide and Summary(*)Sidamo Coffee Beans(*)Featured Image Credit: Negga Haileyesus, Shutterstock(*)Table of articles(*)Quick details about Sidamo Coffee You Should Know(*)Why Is Sidamo Coffee specialized?(*)Is Sidamo Coffee healthier?(*)How Much Does Sidamo Coffee Price?(*)What Does Sidamo Coffee Taste Like?(*)How To create your mug that is own of Coffee(*)Wrapping It Up(*)

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