Exactly how Caffeine that is much is Guru Sparkling Energy Water? What to Know!

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Guru Organic Energy Drink

Guru Sparkling Energy Water is a brand of organic water that is sparkling. Each can consist of 12.00 substance ounces (fl. Oz) and 100 milligrams (mg) of caffeinated drinks, which will be 8.2 mg per fl. oz. You almost certainly don’t discover how much caffeinated drinks is regarded as an amount that is average. Luckily we’ve included a list comparing Guru Sparkling Energy Water to other caffeinated beverages for you. And even though that is liquid, it nonetheless includes caffeine, it.

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Experts so it’s best to be careful when consuming recommend that you consume no more than 400 mg of caffeine a day. How much of Guru Sparkling Energy Water is too much, and how does it compare to other caffeinated beverages? Down below, you’ll find the answer to these relevant concerns.

Guru Sparkling Energy liquid when compared with Other Caffeinated Beverages Guru Sparkling Energy liquid (12 fl. oz):
100 mg of caffeinated drinks or 8.3 mg per fl oz Polar Frost Plus Energy (17 fl. oz):
64 mg of caffeinated drinks or 3.8 mg per fl. oz Bubly (12 fl. oz):
35 mg of caffeinated drinks or 3 mg per fl. oz AHA (12 fl. oz):
30 mg of caffeinated drinks or 2.5 mg per fl. oz Pep Talk (12 fl. oz):
55 mg of caffeinated drinks or 4.6 mg per fl. oz Hiball (16 fl. oz):
160 mg of caffeinated drinks or 10 mg per fl. Oz( Bull that is*)Red fl. oz):
80 mg of caffeine or 9.5 fl. oz Reign (16 fl. oz):
300 mg of caffeine or 18.8 mg per fl. oz Bang Energy (16 fl. oz):
300 mg of caffeine or 18.8 mg per fl. oz Monster Energy Drink (16 fl. oz):
160 mg of caffeine or 10 mg per fl. oz Starbucks Triple Shot Energy (15 fl. oz):
225 mg of caffeine or 15 mg per fl. oz Spike Hardcore (16 fl. oz):
350 mg of caffeine or 21.9 mg per fl. oz Redline Xtreme (8 fl. oz):
316 mg of caffeine or 39.5 mg per fl. oz Brewed Coffee (8 fl. oz):
95 mg of caffeine or 11.9 mg per fl. oz Pepsi (12 fl. oz):
38 mg of caffeine or 3.1 mg per fl. oz Coca-Cola (12 fl. oz):
32 mg of caffeine or 2.7 mg per fl. oz Mountain Dew (12 fl. oz):

54 mg of caffeine or 4.5 mg per fl. oz

As you can see from the list, Guru Sparkling Energy Water is high in caffeine compared to other waters that are sparkling. Nonetheless, in comparison to energy beverages, it is regarding the budget associated with the range. As a result of Guru Sparkling Energy Water’s caffeine that is high you should drink no more than four a day, and that’s without consuming any other caffeine.

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Dangers of Caffeine

Caffeine can be very dangerous; it, you can suffer horrible side effects if you consume too much of. The medial side results cover anything from small dilemmas like anxiety, digestion dilemmas, sleeplessness, addiction, rhabdomyolysis, and exhaustion to significantly more severe people like a caffeine overdose.

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Too much caffeinated drinks can cause a caffeine overdose, which may be deadly. Some overdose that is caffeine are vomiting, involuntary muscle movement, convulsion, dizziness, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, increased thirst, headache, fever, confusion, and hallucinations. If you believe you’re suffering from a caffeine overdose, get to a hospital as fast as possible.

Closing Thoughts

Guru Sparkling Energy Water contains 100 mg of caffeine, and that’s higher than most water that is sparkling. Specialists suggest maybe not eating more than 400 mg of caffeinated drinks a so you shouldn’t drink more than four cans of Guru Sparkling Energy Water a day, and that’s not including any other caffeine you may have throughout your day.

  • Guru day Sparkling Energy Water is a choice that is good you’re getting an excessive amount of caffeinated drinks from your own power beverage and seeking for a lighter option. It contains less caffeine than many energy beverages and it is organic, therefore through the day, you should give it a try.

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