How A lot Caffeine Is in Cannonball Espresso Most Cost? 2023 Breakdown

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Caffeine (serving: 12 fl oz)
1101 mg
Caffeine (mg / fl oz)
Caffeine energy

Cannonball Espresso Most Cost is among the many sturdy coffees out there in the marketplace and is liked by those that depend on a potent caffeine kick. As a caffeine lover, it is very important pay attention to the caffeine content material in your favourite morning pick-me-up. If Cannonball Espresso Most Cost is your brew of selection, you’re consuming nearly thrice the really useful each day quantity (1,101 milligrams).

Caffeine can have an effect on folks otherwise, but when your tolerance is excessive, Cannonball Espresso Most Cost will probably develop into a favourite.

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About Cannonball Espresso Most Cost

Most Cost espresso from Cannonball Espresso is a Rwandan Robusta espresso. Their roastery is predicated within the UK, and Cannonball Espresso Most Cost is taken into account UK’s strongest espresso. They’re led by a British Military veteran impressed by the Danish Military’s observe of sipping sturdy black espresso whereas serving in Afghanistan. They try to make espresso with a excessive caffeine focus with out compromising taste.

Rwanda is among the origins the place specialty Robusta espresso has gained recognition. Robusta can thrive at low altitudes and is proof against leaf rust, that are two main advantages of rising it. A Rwandan Robusta that Cannonball found had the flavour traits of some Arabica espresso and the specified quantity of caffeine.

A freshly brewed cup of this espresso has a wealthy aroma and deep shade that you’d anticipate from Robusta espresso. The style lacks the bitterness that almost all sturdy coffees have however does have a slight chunk of darkish chocolate notes with a easy and pleasing aftertaste.

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How A lot Caffeine is In Cannonball Espresso Most Cost?

Cannonball Espresso Most Cost is a strongly caffeinated Robusta-based espresso. It comprises 1,101 mg of caffeine per 12 oz cup, so it’s only really useful for people with a powerful tolerance and low sensitivity to caffeine.

It’s named the strongest espresso within the UK, however in comparison with different sturdy coffees in the marketplace, there are some with a lot increased ranges of caffeine. Very Robust Espresso sits on the prime with 1,350 mg of caffeine per 12 oz cup!

In comparison with different sturdy coffees

Strongest Espresso Bean Manufacturers Serving Dimension Caffeine Content material
Very Robust Espresso 12 oz 1350 mg
Devils Brew Excessive Caffeine Espresso 12 oz 1,325–1,350 mg
Excessive Voltage Espresso 12 oz 1,150 mg
Black Insomnia 12 oz 1,105 mg
Cannonball Most Cost 12 oz 1,101 mg
Biohazard Espresso 12 oz 928 mg
Dying Want 12 oz 728 mg
Killer Espresso 8.46  oz 430 mg

In comparison with well-liked home espresso manufacturers, the caffeine in Cannonball Most Cost is, on common, 5 occasions increased than that in a 12 oz cup! Because of this one cup of home-brewed Cannonball Most Cost Espresso equals over 5 12 oz cups of Starbucks darkish roast and near 9 12 oz cups of Dutch Bros Americano.

With that comparability, it’s secure to say that you should have a a lot increased quantity of caffeine by getting ready your personal Cannonball Most Cost Espresso than by stopping in at your native espresso home.

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In comparison with espresso home espresso

Espresso Home Model Serving Dimension Caffeine Content material
Cannonball Most Cost 12 oz 1,101 mg
Starbucks darkish roast espresso 12 oz 190 mg
Dunkin Donuts darkish roast espresso 14 oz 117 mg
Costa Espresso Americano 12 oz 185 mg
McCafe brewed espresso 12 oz 109 mg
Dutch Bros Espresso Americano 12 oz 93.5 mg

It might now appear redundant to even examine Cannonball Most Cost to common espresso brewed at residence, but it surely does assist affirm how sturdy and caffeinated this model of espresso is. An 8 oz cup of filter espresso constituted of Robusta beans comprises about 265 mg of caffeine, making Cannonball Most Cost 4 occasions stronger. In comparison with immediate espresso, it’s just below 20 occasions stronger!

Most Cost In comparison with Widespread Residence-Made Caffeinated Drinks

Drink Serving Dimension Caffeine Content material
Cannonball Most Cost 12 oz 1,101 mg
Filter Espresso utilizing Robusta beans 8 oz 265 mg
Immediate Espresso 8 oz 57 mg
Robusta Espresso 1.5 oz shot 141 mg
Black Tea 8 oz 42 mg

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Is Cannonball Espresso Most Cost Secure?

The really useful each day quantity of caffeine is 400 mg. This quantity of caffeine is taken into account secure and usually doesn’t trigger any unwanted effects. Cannonball Espresso Most Cost comprises 1,101 mg of caffeine per 12 oz, which is shut to 3 occasions the really useful quantity in a single cup. Nonetheless, folks range drastically of their sensitivity to caffeine’s results in addition to in how shortly they break it down. Moreover, sure well being circumstances could make an individual extra delicate to caffeine.

Cannonball Espresso Most Cost just isn’t really useful for folks delicate to caffeine and needs to be consumed moderately solely by folks with a excessive tolerance. In case you are delicate to caffeine and eat an excessive amount of, chances are you’ll expertise nervousness, complications, nausea, jitters, elevated coronary heart fee, and insomnia. In response to the FDA, shortly consuming 1,200 milligrams of caffeine can have harmful unwanted effects comparable to convulsions.

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Cannonball Espresso Most Cost has a excessive caffeine content material of 1101 mg per 12 oz cup. It’s thought of the strongest espresso within the UK and is barely really useful for folks with a excessive caffeine tolerance. Whereas there are different stronger coffees in the marketplace, they need to nonetheless be consumed cautiously as they exceed the each day really useful quantity of caffeine of 400 mg. Cannonball Espresso Most Cost is a great-tasting and efficient espresso for many who are usually not delicate to caffeine and depend on a powerful caffeine kick to get their days began.


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