Just how Caffeine that is much in Caffeine Kick Water? What to Know!

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Hint Water Discovery Pack

Hint has a mission to help people fall in love with water! Hint Caffeine Kick Water is water that is fruit-flavored an electricity kick with no sweeteners, additives, or calories. It really is an instant and way that is easy stay hydrated and energized without a crash. To add to its benefits, it is vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and non─GMO.

As with most caffeinated beverages, once you acquire a thirst and love for the brand, you may start to question how caffeine that is much tend to be eventually eating simply by drinking tap water.

Hint Caffeine Kick includes 60 milligrams (mg) of caffeinated drinks per 16-ounce container. In this essay, that amount is compared by us to other caffeinated drinks and put the caffeine content of Hint into perspective for you.

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How Much Caffeine Does Hint Caffeine Kick Contain?

All flavors of Hint Caffeine Kick have the amount that is same of. These are generally for sale in three great tastes: citrus, black colored raspberry, and grape that is blueberry. A bottle that is 16-ounce of Caffeine Kick liquid includes 60 mg of plant-based caffeinated drinks, comparable to an espresso chance.

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Hint Caffeine Kick vs Other Caffeinated Waters

There tend to be different caffeinated seas readily available, them to get some perspective on the caffeine content of Hint Caffeine Kick so we have made a quick comparison of some of. Let’s have a look.

Other Brands Caffeine Amount
Heroec Energy Water 60 mg per 16.9 oz
Ugly Energy Water 160 mg per 16 oz can
Rockstar Energy Water 180 mg per 20 oz
Blink Energy Water 150 mg per 16.9 oz
Zola Sparkling Energy Water 100 mg per 12 oz
Phocus Sparkling Water 75 mg per 11.5 oz can

The bottle sizes vary greatly for each brand, so to help it make more sense, we calculated from a 16-ounce bottle of Hint that contains 60 mg of caffeine, an 8-ounce would contain 30 mg, a 20-ounce would contain 75 mg, and a bottle that is 12-ounce include 45 mg of caffeinated drinks. When compared with some brands that are popular Hint Caffeine Kick generally contains a much lower caffeine content.

Hint Caffeine Kick vs Popular Sodas

Sometimes you need a sugar kick along with your caffeine kick, and we compared the caffeine content of some soda that is popular aided by the caffeinated drinks content of Hint.

Popular Soda Caffeine Amount
Coke 34 mg per 12 oz
Pepsi 38 mg per 12 oz
Dr Pepper 42 mg per 12 oz
7up 0 mg
Snapple Tea 37 mg 16 oz

Compared to some preferred drinks that are soft Hint Caffeine Kick contains more caffeine than Snapple tea but less than Dr. Pepper.

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What About Compared to Drinks that is naturally caffeinated?*)Will ingesting beverage or coffee contain much more caffeinated drinks than Hint Caffeine Kick? Let’s take a look.


Caffeine Content Brewed coffee
163 mg per 8oz Decaf coffee
5.6 mg per 8oz Black tea
42 mg per 8oz Green tea
18 mg per 8oz As you can view, 16 ounces of made coffee is 3 x the total amount of caffeinated drinks discovered in Hint, but decaf and tea that is green significantly lower amounts. Interestingly enough, 16 ounces of black tea shall contain much more caffeinated drinks than Hint.

Hint Caffeine Kick vs energy beverages

Is it feasible to obtain the kick that is same of Hint as an energy drink? Energy drinks also contain sugar and other stimulants such as taurine and guarana.

Energy Drink

Caffeine quantity Red Bull
80 mg per 8.46 oz Monster Energy
160 mg per 16 oz Amp Organic Energy Drink
120 mg per 12 oz Rockstar Energy Drink
160 mg per 16 oz Rip It Energy Drink
160 mg per 16 oz SoBe Essential Energy
96 mg per 16 oz It is obvious that no matter what power beverage you decide to enjoy, the caffeinated drinks content is considerably greater than Hint Caffeine Kick.

How Much Caffeine is Secured to Take In? Can it be great or Bad?

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Every time, 80% regarding the world’s population uses a product that is caffeinated. Caffeine is a stimulant that is naturally occurring beverage, coffee, and cacao plants. It promotes mental performance and main system that is nervous allowing you to stay alert and prevent fatigue.

Caffeine keeps you awake by connecting to adenosine receptors in your brain but not activating them. This inhibits the effects of adenosine, resulting in less fatigue. It may also increase blood adrenaline levels and the brain’s production of norepinephrine and dopamine. This combo promotes mental performance much more, marketing awareness and concentrate.

Caffeine Has some ongoing health benefits too! It has been shown to improve mood, lower the risk of depression, stimulate brain function, and protect against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. It may increase metabolism, promote fat loss, and lower the risk of heart type and disease 2 diabetes, though this differs by specific. Caffeine may gain the liver, epidermis, and tract that is digestive and it may help prolong life and prevent certain diseases.

Caffeine Consumption is generally considered safe; however, it can become addictive and cause some relative side impacts. Anxiousness, restlessness, tremors, unusual pulse, and trouble resting are a handful of complications connected with exorbitant caffeinated drinks usage.  It could additionally trigger problems, migraine headaches, and blood that is high.


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Hint Kick contains only 60 milligrams of caffeine per 16-ounce bottle, with the other ingredients water that is being flavoring. This might be caffeine that is insufficient some people and excessive caffeine for others. Compared to other caffeinated waters, energy drinks, and drinks that naturally contain caffeine, the amount of caffeine in Hint is much lower, but compared to soda that is popular, the caffeinated drinks content is greater.

400 milligrams of caffeinated drinks a-day is recognized as safe, making sure that could be comparable to six 16-ounce containers of Hint Caffeine Kick.


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